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Astrology Glossary

Common Astrology Terms Explained. 

**Glossary is under construction and more entries will continued to be added. 



Aries - The Cardinal first sign of the zodiac ruled by Mars.  Keywords: independent, bold, and action-oriented. Rules the head. 

Ascendant -The zodiac sign on the 1st house cusp. This is the sign that was on the horizon when you were born. Often used interchangeably with the "Rising".  

Aquarius - The fixed eleventh sign of the zodiac ruled by Uranus in modern astrology and Saturn in traditional astrology. Keywords: friendship/brotherhood, groups, individuality, and technology. Rules the calves, shins, and circulatory system

Aspect - the term for the different angles that can occur between two planets which impacts the chart holder. Examples are: Trines, Conjuncts, Oppositions, and Squares.


Birth Chart - Also known as a natal chart, a birth chart is the chart that is created which represents where the planets were when you were born. It creates an order in which planets are distributed to houses.


Cancer - The Cardinal fourth sign of the zodiac  ruled by the Moon. Keywords: emotive, protective, caring, responsive, and rooted in familiarity. Rules the breasts and stomach.

Capricorn - The Cardinal tenth sign of the zodiac ruled by Saturn. Keywords: order, discipline, ambition, structure, age. Rules the skin, teeth, and bones. 

Cardinal signs - Describes the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These signs  seen as the initiators of the core traits assigned to their zodiac sign.  These signs are less likely to wait and instead "spark" or start. 


Decan- Each sign is split up into 3 decans based on the 30 degrees of a sign. This means that not only does your Sun have a planetary ruler, but you also have a sub-ruler planet that can be used to see an extra influence to your Sun sign traits.

Degree -Can be referring to the actual degree of a planet in regards to if it is considered anaretic or chaotic. It can also refer to degrees that hold a special level of symbolism. Degrees also indicate how close planets are to one another to create a relationship. 

Descendant - The sign on the 7th house cusp directly across from the Ascendant on the other side of the birth chart.


Fixed signs - Describes the signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These signs are rigid in direction and like to build around the established frequency of their energy instead of accepting new modes or discovering new modes. These energies have the greatest capacity at remaining in the same motion (with the exception of Aquarius at times). 


Gemini - The third sign of the zodiac ruled by Mercury. Mutable energy. Keywords: communication, learning, thinking, and verbal expression. Rules the lungs and arms. 

Grand Trine - When a person has all three element signs (such as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) in a chart within a certain degree pattern, that can create a Grand Trine in a chart. A Trine is said to have more effortless energy that naturally flows together. 


Hemisphere - The birth chart is divided into hemispheres (Northern 1-6) and Southern (7-12), Eastern (10,11,12,1,2,3) and Western (4,5,6,7,8,9). 

Horary Astrology - When a chart is casted to answer a specific question. In horary, the houses and signs take on a more broad aprpoach in what they can represent and bcome more symbolic.


Where we may take on the houses from a broad approach in 

Horoscope - Predictions based on the movement of the planets into new signs. Horoscopes can be general based on sign. However, a transit reading shows individuals their personalized horoscope which can provide more accurate indicators of future events. 

House - The 12 distinct areas of life in a birth chart are referred to "houses"


IC - Is positioned on the 4th house cusp in Placidus house system. In Whole signs, the IC can be in neighboring houses and provide extra significance to your private self. 

Inconjunct/Quincunx - 150 degrees - These are five signs apart which means it feels unusual together. It appears to lack any similarity or signature pattern. There is a power struggle type of energy because they do not understand each other.


Jupiter - Rules Sagittarius and is the traditional ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is associated with luck, risk, and wisdom. The placement in the chart where we may have the most enthusiasm or take/need to take the most chances. ♃


Leo - The fifth sign of the zodiac. Fixed sign ruled by the Sun. Keywords: confident, enthusiastic, expressive, prideful.  Rules the heart and spine. 

Libra -The seventh sign of the zodiac. Cardinal sign ruled by Venus. Keywords: partnership, balance, relating, business, and cooperation.  Rules the kidneys and lower back.

Midheaven - In a chart will show as "MC". This represents who you are the public/how to best align your career with how you will be received. 

Mutable - The flexible and adaptable signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). They are related to Cups in tarot. 

Opposition - Signs which are in opposing signs of the zodiac and create a need for balance to function in tandem. 


Mars- Rules Aries and Scorpio. Mars indicates area of life where we exert the most life force energy and where power may be thematic (internal or external). Mars can also indicate leadership style or relationship to action. ♂


Mercury-Rules Gemini and Virgo. Associated with communication, commerce, vehicles, ideas, analysis, and planning. The area of the chart indicates preferred learning and communication style. ☿

Moon - Rules Cancer. Place in the chart indicates where we feel/need to feel  emotional safety. Associated with intuition, nurturing needs, and inner response. ☽

Mutable -Describes the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. These signs have the greatest capacity for flexibility and adaptability based on new information, conclusions, journeys, and epiphanies. 


Native - This term is used more in traditional teachings. It refers to the "chart holder" when describing the individual's experience based on the birth chart. Ex. "The native who has a third house stellium"...

Neptune - Outer planet discovered in 1846 where it was later associated to rule over Pisces. Associated with spirituality, inspiration, and dreams/sleep. The area of the chart Neptune is in can indicate capacity for creativity and suggest where to focus on gaining more clarity. ♆

North Node - The life direction/path to attain in this current life. The lessons that one must learn is dependent on the sign and house of the North Node. ☊


Part of Fortune - Considered to point of favorability based on sign and house. ⊗

Pisces - The last sign of the zodiac ruled by Neptune. Pisces is mutable water. Traditionally, Pisces was ruled by Jupiter. Keywords: idealism, dreams, creativity, and disassociation. Rules the feet and lymphatic system.



Planetary Hour- Each day belongs to a planet (Monday=Moon, Tuesday=Mars, Wednesday=Mercury, Thursday=Jupiter, Friday=Venus, Saturday=Saturn, and Sunday=Sun). Each day is also broken down into planetary hours that can also impact energy or give guidance to when certain activities will be the most favorable.

Pluto - Outer planet discovered in 1930 where it was later applied by some astrologers as the ruler of Scorpio along with Mars, the traditional ruler. In 2006, Pluto was reclassified as a "dwarf planet". However, in astrology it is referred to as a planet in terms of its influence. Pluto represents areas of life where we will face the most drastic change and where we need to learn to harness our power. 


Quintile - The energy here is not direct but is somehow linked and merges together. There are spiritual connections between these planets in terms of concepts of fate, chance and destiny. For bi-quintiles and quintiles, it's sometimes helpful to also see if any planets create this aspect with your Vertex.


Relocation chart - Relocation chart - the idea of changing locations and how it can provide a range of minor to major significance in a person’s natal chart.


Sagittarius - The mutual ninth sign of the zodiac ruled by Jupiter. Keywords: truth, convictions, adventure, optimism, and messenger. Rules the thighs and hips. 

Saturn - Planet that rules Capricorn. Saturn brings karma, lessons, and forces focus and hard work. Placement indicates where in life we may work the hardest and have the most experience. ♄

Scorpio - The fixed eighth sign of the zodiac ruled by Pluto and Mars. Keywords: internal, selective, transformative, and intense. Rules the bowels and genitals. 


Septile -51 degrees - Energies that are more hidden, can be more occult in nature and are prone to keen perception of spiritual abilities.

Semi-sextile - 30 degrees - The  merging of new insight and information. It's not as strong as a Sextile but could be "conditional". Calling on these planets to make contact when necessary. This energy can allow itself to be used in a way to support one another. Once these energies have opportunity they make use of each other.

Semi-square - 45 degrees- This has a similar experience than a square but instead of more external experiences this can represent internal conflict within the individual.


Sesquiquadrate - 135 degrees - This can be another experience similar to the square of semi-square. However, this can be a blindspot so to speak that doesn’t always get resolved. There can be an unawareness.

Solar Return - Occurs when the sun is at the exact degree and minute of your birth near/around your birth date. The solar return chart casted predicts big themes you may experience for the solar year.

South Node - Represents the energy we are familiar with by default. This can be related to past lives. The South Node is our comfort zone and we already come in this world with understanding these traits/energy. 

Square 90 degrees - This in energy produces tension between two signs/placement three signs apart. There is the lack of polarities and shared modality like an opposition, and there is a lack of similarity like a conjunct, a lack of shared elements like a trine, but there can share a modality (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable).

Stellium - A cluster of planets in a house/area of the birth chart which makes it a focus area for the chart holder.

Sun - Rules Leo. Placement in chart indicates where we have capacity to shine and show our true talents/abilities. ⨀


Taurus - The second sign of the zodiac. Fixed sign ruled by Venus. Keywords: absolute, resourceful, consistent, pensive, and stubborn. Rules the throat and neck. 

Traditional Astrology - Branch of astrology practiced prior to the mid 19th century. Only the seven planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn are used in traditional astrology. Traditional includes some nuances such as more focus on the fortune/misfortune of certain houses and sect of the chart (diurnal/nocturnal). 

Transits - Refer to the current placements of the planets. Transits overlay the natal chart and interact with your placements, houses, etc. to bring current themes based on the current sign of the planets. 


Uranus - The outer planet discovered in 1731 later named as a co-ruler of Aquarius. Uranus in a chart represents the area of life where one may be the most innovative, unique, strange, or freedom-seeking. ♅


Vedic - Uses the sidereal system, uses the constellations, and is associated with India. Terms such as karma, dharma,  division charts, d-9 charts are commonly used and referred to. Vedic is  connected to vedas sacred hindu writings.


Venus - Rules Taurus and Libra. The area of the chart Venus is in can indicate money prospects, values, partnership styles, and personal likes/dislikes. ♀


Vertex - Symbol is VX. Considered to be a fate indicator in a birth chart.

Virgo - The 6th sign of the zodiac. Mutable and ruled by Mercury. Keywords: analytical, detail-oriented, intentional, and service-oriented. Rules the intestines and abdomen. 

Void of Course: Refers to the hours before the Moon ingresses to the next sign. It is said that serious efforts will be fruitless at this time. 


Yod - Created by a sextile pairing and two Quincunx placements. Also know as the "finger of God". Represents meaningful mission in life represented by overcoming barriers while finding the area of compromise to achieve what is required.


Zodiac - Term referring to the category of astrological signs. 

Written by AmethystVirgoAstrology

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