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"TAKE THIS COURSE!!! DO IT!!! AND MAKE SURE YOU PAY AMEYTHYST FOR HER WORK. seriously, the course is entertaining and you will learn a few things, especially if you are interested in degrees and house placements. this course will teach you to look at some of the placements of other individuals and apply concepts that can be used to further your understanding of other charts and maybe even your own."

"This course provides the proper resources and organization to guide you through the learning process, while also allowing the freedom to self-analyze and evaluate your chart independently; It’s a perfect balance, and is very well structured."

"If you want to learn about how the sun and moon can play out differently in different people or why you may react or do things a certain way this course will help with that and show the complexity of you. You aren't just your sun. Learning the degrees and even the decan of your birthday can show how some express themselves. its just so many layers to you."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the layout of this course! I'm very interested in the topic of Astrology and love watching YouTube videos about the subject. This is where I first started watching videos made by Amethyst Virgo. The moment I knew she was offering a course, I knew her teaching style was going to be above and beyond - and that's exactly what shined through in this course! A beautiful mix between handouts, videos, and written" explanations, this course provides so many opportunities to learn astrological material, as well as to apply the information. I would recommend this course to anybody else who is like me: an Astrology fan and/or aspiring student who didn't know how to ground my studies in a meaningful way. An awesome course!

"The information from the moon course allowed me to find the best way to deal with my emotions."

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