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Are you doomed to be single or are you meant to be single?

To understand this approach to this post, you'd have to accept that not everyone on this planet is meant to experience a whirlwind romance forever. That does not mean you feel you are not. But that we have to make space for people who have alternate ways of living life in ways that bring them peace. The fact that even the purpose of marriage has undergone such a transformation in modern society also speaks to many people wakening up to realize that is not the only formula for happiness.

As a disclaimer, I fully support happy, mutually-respectful marriages and unions. I am happy for those around me who find love and do my best in readings to help give people optimistic, yet realistic advice for their love life based on their birth chart. Also, having a partner who supports your journey is a beautiful experience. And for the record, I do think that part of most people's journeys on Earth are to have meaningful relationships. I just don't believe it always has to be romantic or soul-fulfilling relationships for every person each time.

Here are a couple of reasons why a person may feel chronically single, detached from love, or struggle in romance from a spiritual perspective.

1. Been there, done that.

Karmically, you may have overdosed on devoting yourself to love in a past life. Your soul needs to learn new lessons. It knows that if you are too entangled with another being emotionally, you'll lack growth in other areas. Our higher self knows what is best for us - always.

2. You are able to have partnerships but they are less emotionally or spiritually connected. It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with you. If some of us are here to to support humankind or our community that may require sacrifice. For some people, falling madly in love would distract them from their purpose or maybe it's a healing journey of self-love you are on. Of course, there are people who live full lives and find the partner of their dreams. Your goal is to find what your emotional blueprint is.

3. The rules of relationships don't resonate with you. In the recent years, relationships that do not fit a social norm been discussed more such as polyamory, open-relationships, etc. In some cultures, concepts of multiple partners are not unheard of but in the Western world the concept of monogamous marriages has been the norm even though infidelity and affairs are as old as time. While these relationships are still not widely accepted, there are people who are more open with explaining their lifestyle to others. Based on how people have been raised or conditioned, they have redefined what relationship looks like for them. If you are following a blueprint of relationships that does not fit your own needs that can be a reason why you feel you're striking out. You need to seek people who have the same mindset as you do. To take it a step back, it may not even mean to be as drastic as an open relationship. You may be married but prefer to live in separate homes to keep your own space. To make this work, you'd need to find someone who also values this approach as well.

4. Similarly to #1, you may just end up having more lessons to learn first before meeting your

"true love". I say this often to those with Saturn aspects to Juno, or Venus Square Saturn. Like a video game, there may be levels to complete first before having the ultimate experience in love.

5. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, you may realize your ideal partner is not on this physical

plane of reality. This happens often to people who have dreams of a spiritually linked partner that feels real but this person does not physically exist. This is a way deeper concept best described fully at a another time.

6. Perhaps you and your ideal person have certain commitments you've made to your higher self before being in a union. Sometimes things happen in the order they need to happen. An example is a person who love their children dearly but divorced their spouse who then meets and marries their ideal partner 10 years later. In this scenario, they feel they were meant to parent their children they had with someone else but are actually meant to be romantically with someone else later in life.

All in all, very few things in life are wrapped up neatly. We are instead forced to content with constant self-examination and reflection to understand ourselves and our ultimate needs outside of ourselves.

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