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Chiron: Your healing message

Chiron (which I pronounced incorrectly years ago as "Chee-ron" when I was a baby astrologer) is like the scar we got at eight-years-old. It's there. It's ugly and maybe we forget how we got it. Now, while most of us get over physical scars, Chiron can represent deep, emotional and psychological wounds. Our past is complex and our reactions to life even more so. Chiron is the myth of the teacher who could heal everyone but himself. This is important. Your Chiron sign is not something you should discard. If you are a Chiron in Cancer, for instance, you are not tossing emotions to the side to become stronger. You are learning how to

master and gain control over your emotions to allow them to be strengths and not hinderances to full emotional development. Your Chiron sign shows "what" you need to heal and your Chiron houses shows "where/what area of life".

Why is Chiron important?

  • No, it's not the main star of your chart. You likely did not get into astrology to learn about Chiron. Chiron is not the lead singer. But imagine if the lead singer and singers are amazing but the musicians in the back are off beat. The music may "sound" good initially but eventually some issues may arise. At a minimum, you should know what your Chiron sign and house is so that if it becomes more relevant in your life you know why. Chiron can be more easily worked through if there are positive aspects to it and more harshly experienced with negative aspects.

  • If you have a reoccurring issue in your life that is difficult to resolve it may be even more pronounced if your Chiron is Retrograde or when certain transits aspect your Chiron.

  • If you experience success in general but there is always one area in life when you feel stagnant or frustrated, Chiron or the South Node could be the culprit. If the planets do not describe what we experience, using asteroids or other placements becomes essential to understanding our charts.

  • Chiron can become embedded in our subconscious. You may have internalized something to the core. You may believe that the area where Chiron is will always be painful or difficult. You may mask certain past wounds by overcompensating which can work temporarily for some people. However, not at least attempting to address Chiron can hold you back.

  • The sign Chiron is in can still be of great help to you. Your job is to master the energy, to continue to work on it, and allow it to become a strength instead of a challenge. You are not to ignore the sign altogether but to embolden yourself. My latest video on Chiron below explains how to start using small, practical methods to healing.

Below are two videos:

  1. My second Chiron video on "ways" to practically heal Chiron

  2. My first Chiron introductory video describing the signs and "what" you need to heal

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