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Movie Astrology: Kevin McCallister in Home Alone

Like many parents, I've been watching a slew of Christmas movies for the past few weeks including some classics such as Home Alone and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I won't focus on the Grinch - though it'd likely make for an entertaining post to analyze the origins of the Grinch's misanthropy and how it's a cover for his real need to be accepted.

While re-watching Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as an adult (of course this is not the first re-watch), I thought about what zodiac sign the character Kevin would need to be. What type of kid can handle people left alone and also fighting off robbers? What type of kid could think so quickly in such a chaotic time? Kevin's relatively methodical response to a crisis and his ability to strategize under situations that would leave most eight year-olds emotionally distraught could make him a Scorpio Sun. Despite his overwhelming sense of independence, he truly seems to become active once something occurs that he must respond to which is where his Rising comes into play as well. Kevin could be a Scorpio Sun with a Sagittarius Rising. He must respond to life in ways that place him into unplanned experiences. He cannot shy away from those; he learns more about humanity, including his own, by being left alone, making new friends, and also outsmarting two thieving adults. As a Scorpio Sun, we originally see that he is capable of digging deep to dish out what his family gives to him verbally. He is not a necessarily a troublemaker but he is not understood well [likely an Aquarius Moon] and lashes out. He doesn't allow the expectation of how siblings or children should behave stop him from speaking his mind - even going as far in both movies to wish his family away. Keep in mind, Kevin only does what is done to him. He is defensive.

To further the Sagittarius Rising theory, Kevin learns from two people who seem frightening at first. He doesn't let their appearance stop him from getting to know them deeper. The Pigeon Lady and the man with the shovel (Marley). To be fair, Kevin only feels fear about his neighbor Marley due his brother Buzz sharing neighborhood gossip that the man murdered his family with the shovel. To kids, these people are unusual but it doesn't take that long after the initial fright for Kevin to warm up and also get these strangers to open up to him - a kid. Perhaps they also sense that he is less judgmental than adults would be who shun them. He learns about Marley's estranged relationship with his son and granddaughter, and he learns about the loneliness of the Pigeon Lady. Kevin listens to the stories of both people which something the Sagittarius individual tends to do well. By developing these friendships, he also gives life advice which is impressive for his age. The advice is wise, yet also said in a way that is characteristically of an eight-year-old. Being able to help people understand the cycles of life is a Sagittarius trait. Despite Christmas association with church or mass for some people, we have to remember that Kevin ends up in a church in the first movie. It's probably the only place open or where he feels safe, but how Sagittarian is it for him to end up at a church? He could have walked to a playground but he goes to a church. But, he has to mentally prepare to defend his house which is when he has the conversion with Marley.

As far as him lacking some levels of fear, it is not that the Scorpio Sun is not afraid of anything but that there is usually an understanding that you have to sometimes deal with the harsher emotions of life. The ability for him to immediately go into action to exact a plan against robbers Marv and Harry is likely him as a Mercury in Scorpio - the ability to dig deep and be strategic. He would be using the Mars part of Scorpio to engage in war. You could argue perhaps a Mercury in Capricorn due to his ability to easily master how things worked enough to then use household items to beat the robbers two times. But he is a kid who has showed his ability to endure more than once. At one point in the second movie, his mom says, "Kevin is so much braver and smarter than I am" when she is trying to find him in New York.

To highlight how the Rising is often how we interact with the world instead of traits that are more core like he Sun, study Kevin's generosity. Once they talk, offers to treat the Pigeon Lady to treat her to a hot chocolate (on his father's dime since he has his credit card), a token of generosity that can be linked by Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Kevin even goes back to the park on Christmas day to give a turtle dove he received from Mr. Duncan to the Pigeon Lady.

Through crisis and challenges are how Kevin learns what truly matters at the emotional and philosophical level.

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