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Planetary Ruler: The GPS to your Birth Chart

One thing often dismissed in general birth chart talk is how important the chart ruler is. Sure, we discuss the Ascendant and other notable chart details but neglect the massive impact of the planet that rules the entire chart! In my practice, I start with the Ascendant to determine the chart ruler's placement. This will give me an instant hit on the core energy the person needs to make sure they tap into.

Think of a ruler of a country; they have an important role and unless serving as a figurehead are responsible for all major directions and moves. Regardless of what house the planet is in, it influences other areas of your life.

The first step is to use your birth chart and identify the zodiac sign that is on your Ascendant. Then, find the planet that rules the sign and which house it's in. You should also look at the houses that are naturally associated with that planet's energy. In the image above, this person is an Aquarius rising. Since Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius in modern astrology, the person's chart ruler is in the 12th house indicating spiritual themes to the person's chart.

Advice for each chart ruler is below.

Sun - Leo Ascendant (Look at the house the Sun is located in and the 5th house cusp/planets)

You need to always develop your talents and bring your authentic self into all spaces to experience the benefits of this planet. You'll leave your impact anywhere you go so it is essential to be conscious of how you show up in the world. Focusing on themes of identity, self-expression, and confidence is what is needed. The house where the Sun is in your chart requires you to be self-aware and dominant. Paying attention to self-interest doesn't mean you are a selfish being. Ironically, you end up influencing people when you lead with your abilities and core traits.

Sun Key Associations: power, prominence, masculine, royalty, government figures, leader, talent

Moon - Cancer Ascendant (Look at the house the Moon is located in and the 4th house cusp/planets)

If you are a Cancer Ascendant and the Moon is your chart ruler, you need to stop denying the impact of emotions on the direction of your life. Dedicating yourself to things you deem worthy of your nurture and attention is ideal. Instead of letting the world dictate your responses, you'd need to lean more into your own sense of understanding what brings you internal fulfillment. The past will always be a big clue of how you should proceed. You benefit from not running away from your roots and true feelings because you will always be led back to where you started until you embrace your roots and the things that truly matter. Avoid over relying on the external world without making sure it matches your internal world.

Moon key associations: Intuition, inner world, feminine, domestic, roots, lineage, cycles, home

Mercury - Virgo Ascendant/Gemini Ascendant (Look at the house Mercury is in and the cusp of your 3rd/6th houses)

Communication, plans, and thinking are key for you. It's okay to avoid making decisions until you have done all the collecting of information needed. You need to have an outlet to express yourself and your thoughts. You do best when you are mentally stimulated and can take on a project or challenge yourself. The house that Mercury is in is where you need to do the most speaking, thinking, and planning.

Mercury Key associations: written/verbal communication, commerce, trading, trickster energy, words, documents, intellect, studies, offices

Venus - Taurus Ascendant/Libra Ascendant (Look at the house Venus is in and the cusp of your 2nd and 7th houses)

You need to establish peace in your life. While this will vary for each individual and these signs are different, both need to indulge in the finer pleasantries of life. Taurus energy needs to find contentment even when it feels born into a world or family filled with chaos. The placement, degree of Venus, and aspects will provide more insight into what you enjoy and who you need to enjoy more time with. Libra has to learn how to be balanced instead of seeking balance in all situatuons. Venus requires contentment and a state of pleasure for Libra; instead of chasing pleasure Libra can become more decisive in who and what brings them a sense of happiness.

Venus Key associations: money, resources, social outings, self-care, partnership, business, art, beauty

Mars -Aries Ascendant/Scorpio Ascendant (Check the planet Mars is in and the cusp of your 1st and 8th houses)

You will feel more aligned in life when you take initiative. Inactivity causes you to not just be bored but feel stagnant. Ironically, not being involved in something or moving forward makes you feel restless. You feel less restless in constant movement. The key is to move in the right direction. It is important to trust your pure instincts; Aries and Scorpio will have different approaches. As an Aries descendant, choose your actions well and use the cardinal energy to be in control of the direction of your pursuits. Making sure your actions are pure in intent will be key. Scorpio Ascendants can move less boldly but need to use Mars to funnel control into their favor by using more of the Plutonic instinctual need for growth and change. *Pluto description is at the end.

Mars Key associations: activity, competition, sex, instinct, war/combat, leadership, direction

Jupiter -Sagittarius Ascendant (check the house Jupiter is in and the cusp of your 9th house)

You need to seek and not just passively wait to acquire what is given to you. You feel bored when you haven't experienced anything new in a while. Even if you live a more reserved life, it'll be necessary to still seek variety in whatever area of life requires you to expand. In each house, you'll need to establish what you believe and how you live in accordance with those morals while paying close attention to the house Jupiter is in.

Jupiter key associations: knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, higher learning, foreign places, fellowship, abundance, spouse, expansion of family

Saturn-Capricorn Ascendant/Aquarius Ascendant (check the house Saturn is in and the cusp of your 10th and 11th houses)

You need to lean into maturity to help guide your success. You may not instantly get what you want and feel like you have to work harder. This is because you will find more favor with time. Karma can feel instant (good or bad) which is why it is important to make sure everything you do is intentional because you will see effects easily. The area of your life where Saturn is will be where you have the most experience so it's essential to be responsible in that area.

time, age, tradition.,isolation

Saturn key associations: karma, discipline, structure, order, tradition, challenges, success, goals, ambition, restriction/limitations

Uranus - Aquarius Ascendant (Look at the house Uranus is located in and the 11th house)

You are here to instigate (in a good way), stir up, and spark new insights. Even if this is not done on a macro level, it can be done on a micro level in your own life. When stuck, you need to follow what peaks your interest. Yield to what fascinates and intrigues you; in that quest you may discover or come up with something from unchartered territory. You need to test situations so you can know what is right for you. Themes of freedom and individuality will be key to mastering your life experiences. Even when you have close bonds, there will be a need to feel free to be yourself. The house Uranus is in will be key to determining where you can afford to be less conventional.

Uranus key associations: innovation, rebellion, technology, unusual, unorthodox, conspiracy theories, creative, non-traditional, unique, unordinary

Neptune-Pisces Ascendant (Look at the house Neptune is in and the cusp of the 12th house)

You will feel more aligned and whole when you are giving back in a way that helps you spread your impact. You may not always instantly experience sweeping popularity or praise but that is not usually what you are seeking in the first place. You want to inspire in a non-forceful manner; you want to influence in a gentle way through creativity or the imagination. You benefit from chasing your own possibilities and being an inspiration for other people to see beyond the limitations created for us by the physical world's rules and obligations. Creating your own world, or version of it, will always be essential to your sense of fulfillment. You may find yourself indulging in the imagination often which is a clue of what you need to make into a reality. The house Neptune is an indicator of how to inspire.

Neptune key associations: dreams, spiritual, fantasy, imagination, cosmos, cosmetic, illusion, film, karmic, elusive, hope

Pluto-Scorpio Ascendant (Look at the house Pluto is in and the cusp of your 8th house)

Deal with what is serious. You can't escape it. It's best to lean into situations that require depth and intensity so you are willingly involving yourself in transformative efforts. You are here to show others emotional restraint and how to control/reserve emotions for situations that are most important. You likely don't like to involve yourself in trivial matters (unless other placements suggest this is possible). When you become too caught up in the mundane aspects of life you feel less effective and sense you meant to do things of a greater magnitude.

Pluto key associations: depth, death, taboo, transformative, trauma, drama, intensity, evolvement, rebirth, concentration, impact, control

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