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Email me at  and share which reading you are interested in receiving. Please allow 4-5 days for a response if this is the first time contacting me.


Currently, all readings are sent via video featuring your chart. For the Advanced reading with the mini report, you also receive your analysis report via a PDF file.


I conduct a thorough analysis of your chart and also zoom in on the area of life you want the most guidance for. The reading tells your strengths and areas to consider as challenges. The reading is done with the expectation that you understand you have control over your life and are using astrology to empower yourself. My guidance requires you to believe you are not powerless and to be an active participant in your own life. 


When it's your month to book, you are contacted, submit payment and then fill out the client form. Due to the complexity of this work and the spiritual nature involved with my type of chart readings, I cannot confirm dates only the month you will get the reading. 



I answer clarifying questions about astrology but will usually point people in the direction of my videos if I have already recorded content on a topic. I have to preserve my time and focus on readings and content. As an astrologer, there are often answers in the chart a person did not anticipate which is why a reading is usually recommended. People who seek true awareness of their chart will find value in booking a personal reading. Please respect my boundaries and do not try to get free readings. If you have a topic that would benefit my audience or a question I can make a video or blog topic about please send a message or email.


Emailing me before booking ensures a few things

1) We make sure I can perform what you are asking for your reading.

2) We establish a connection and I get a sense for how you communicate which may help with the reading.

3) Sometimes a different reading is needed once people explain what they need. People often include things in emails they do not put in the client form which assists  with the reading.


FAQs About Booking a Reading with AmethystVirgo


Prices & Process

There is a service for most people depending on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in yourself. My prices are based on the time and effort put into your reading. To organize my interpretations, I write a draft about your chart prior to recording the video reading. I analyze degrees, and take time to make connections between your aspects. If something seems unclear at first, I take time to reflect to create a theory about your chart if necessary. Sometimes, I pause to receive energetic downloads about your chart not easily seen through the astrology. I also then edit the video recordings for sound quality and to minimize any extraneous information. For Master readings, the analysis report is all original content written by me for you.  I then have to edit the report multiple times before sending to you. I pay great attention to detail in order to make sure the patterns and themes are connected throughout the experience. 


Who do I take as clients?

You must be *18 and up only and should have your birth time.

If you are under 25, please be aware that there may be parts of your chart you haven't experienced yet so it is important to get a reading with an open mind that not everything will resonate until you reach certain milestones. However, a reading is still an eye-opening experience. 

In what format are readings delivered?

Via unlisted YouTube video, or Gmail attached video if requested. The analysis reports written for Master readings are sent as PDF files. I do not offer phone or zoom readings/consultations at this time.

Who are my ideal clients?

People willing to learn and understand that this reading will provide insight into next steps to consider. Though I can intuitively pick up on many traits beyond the zodiac signs, a chart reading involves heavy astrological analysis. It is NOT structured like a fortune telling psychic reading. The reading will be done in a way that assumes you have mental and spiritual maturity. My readings assume you have a serious interest in improving aspects of your life and intend to be an active participant in fulfilling your ambitions and destiny.

Why do you need an accurate birth time?

I work best with accurate charts and need the full story to know what techniques to use for your reading. An inaccurate birth time means house placements, some degrees, your Midheaven, your Rising, North Node/South Node houses, and potentially your Moon will be inaccurate and the advice you get may not truly be for you. If you are unsure of the time,  I can assist with determining the best reading for you.  I cannot write a report for an unknown time because it’s not a good use of my time or yours to analyze placements that could be incorrect.        


Types of Astrological Readings

The Master AstroHour+ Reading includes an AstroHour chart video and a 11+ page personalized analysis report written by me of your chart with Sun-Rising-Moon combo, interpretation of all major planet aspects, all house placements, elaboration on at least 6 minor aspects, asteroids, degrees, and birthday meaning. Availability is more limited.

Advanced AstroHour Chart video is the Master Reading minus the personalized chart report. The chart video includes major aspects, degrees, house placements/cusp signs, and asteroids.

General Chart Reading - (Goes over house interpretation for each house/ideal for those newer to astrology who need to understand the basics of their chart first).

The Mini-reading is ideal if you have very specific questions and want to focus on very specific areas of your life or specific houses in the natal chart in a quick matter of time.  

I also have transit readings, synastry readings and solar returns, etc. available upon request.


What if I have specific areas of the chart where I want more insight?

In the client information form for booking, there is a spot to leave any notes or requests for the reading.

* I will approach your reading to provide individual guidance based on your client form. But I will not change or jeopardize my personal style of doing readings. I also cannot rush timelines due to my own need for work-life balance.  I do what brings the best results for my ideal clients. Please familiarize yourself with my videos or style before booking.


Do you do same day readings?

No, the fastest reading available is a mini reading which can be done within 1-2 weeks. *Also, in my work I will not confirm, deny, or analyze any interpretations you’ve received from other astrologers or tarot readers. The reading experience is a unique interaction between just the reader and client.                                 


Should I contact you to ask when I will get the reading after booking?

If it’s your turn to book, you’ve been told you are getting your reading that month once payment is rendered.  Due to a higher volume of readings, I am no longer able to give exact dates. I am extremely communicative and if a reading will ever be delayed, I will let you know.  With that said, the process cannot be rushed. Master readings take the most time. If a client is sending multiple emails asking when it will be done, ignoring boundaries, or does not trust the process, we are not an energetic match, and I will refund you and move onto the next client. 


What is the waitlist process?

Email me with the type of reading requested and I will confirm I received your request within 4-8 days. The waitlist can range 1-3 months. The only guarantee for time is for clients who have paid, submitted the client form and have been booked into the monthly schedule.

Once I have availability open back up, I contact you, let you know the anticipated month of delivery, and you can pay via Shopify or CashApp to be placed on my schedule. After 4-5 days of no response, I will have to go to the next name on the waitlist.

Are there payment plans?

My prices are very affordable with a relatively quick and fair turnaround time once a reading is booked.  I have added a low-cost option for those who need a mini reading. For those who wish to have a more advanced reading and feel money is an issue, please save up, or consider contacting me to pay in advance to ensure a spot for the future.

Note: A reading is a spiritual experience. It is not a substitute for psychiatric therapy, medical, or legal advice.

For any questions about how to obtain a reading that are not covered on here please email  😊

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