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Thank you, thank you so much!! I'm so happy with your reading I want to cry.

Now that I can finally re-listen to it. I'm blown away. (And incredible value: how packed your analysis is.)

Okay, you're brilliant, because you know your stuff so well that you seemingly automatically give such a 3-dimensional understanding of the chart, JUST LIKE I HOPED. I can find the straight interpretations; you have the genuine expertise and experience.

But even more than that, you're so wise! THANK you for the very specific and useful advice on top of it all: I learned a lot, it was just what I needed. Because you really zeroed in on my weak spots and fears as well as my inherent/learned skills.

-G.G, M.I

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Hi Amethyst!

I hope you’re doing well! I finished listening to my birth chart reading. I am incredibly impressed with how informative and accurate the reading was. I am beyond satisfied and can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put into my reading, even while you were recovering from COVID. You are amazing! Thank you thank you! 

-Y.A, F.A

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I am SPEECHLESS! Your reading was more in-depth and clearer than I could have ever imagined (and I already had high hopes based on your awesome YouTube channel). When I got your email, I immediately got out my notebook (like a good Virgo Rising does haha!) and started jotting things down as I listened. The amount of impactful information you've given me is jaw-dropping. I feel as though I'm able to start a whole new relationship with MYSELF! Each and everything you said was completely spot-on, but the way you phrased it made me see the possibility for growth in every area of my life. I feel as though my soul's battery just got a full recharge. I cannot thank you enough! Beyond my birth chart, the explanation you gave to my Saturn Return has given me so many points to think about and put into action. Please throw this onto your Testimonials page so that anyone who may be on the fence about getting a reading is convinced to DO IT! 

I'm so happy that I found your channel to reap the benefits of your gift in Astrology!-J.P, Canada

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I'm very pleased with the mini reading I received from AmethystVirgo. It was detailed and mostly accurate, considering I don't know my time of birth. 

Very enlightening and well worth every penny.  Thank you

T.S, U.K

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I want to thank you so much for this detailed and accurate report. It spoke volumes, and definitely made me more aware. I really appreciate your patience and time. I've watched video several times, now I'm about to read the report.  Thank you again. 

-S.D, NY

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I have just finished watching my chart video and wanted to just send a quick email to say thank you!

I resonated with everything in my chart and the interpretation was so accurate! Thank you for your guidance.

I look forward to having a reading again at some point in the future.

-P.O, U.K

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Thank you for such a thorough reading. I resonated with the majority, if not all, of what you said. I am actively working on myself and hope to develop a spiritual routine that is maintainable and sustainable for the kind of future I am envisioning. 

You are a gifted astrologer and teacher, I so appreciate all of the content you put out and how you explain things. I learn best from Virgos! 

Your attention to each aspect in my chart added a deeper understanding of myself, which expanded my self-awareness and acceptance.

-B.S, NY

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WOW!!!! I am speechless, absolutely no words, but that you are spot on! Thank you for bringing such clarity to my existence. You are simply AMAZING!!!


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So this is my second time getting a reading done by @AmethystVirgo and I loved it again lol. She takes the time to do what she has to do to provide an accurate reading, and you can tell by the way she presents it in the video. Everything runs together smoothly and makes sense lol. I will definitely be getting more! Thank you


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"Ok let me be blunt.... GIRL YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!

I was not expecting a video AND  written report. I was very impressed by that alone. Once i started listening to the video I just couldn't stop. It was extremely informative and I'm glad you touched on my Mars and Saturn question. I had been trying to gain more information about those two planets and their interaction with each other and you gave some excellent insight.

 But that's not all. I was even more impressed when I read the report. I was so involved in reading it that I didn't realize that i was literally on the edge of my seat. I was smiling and nodding the whole time in agreement with what I was reading. You touched on things that i didn't even know about and explained certain influences and tendencies that i have. And there were times where just when i thought things were cooling down, you brought up another topic that pulled me in further.  I'm so glad you did this reading. You are truly a rock star. I hope others appreciate your services as much as I have. You are just the best.

Thanks again,


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"Amethyst Virgo was very spot on with my reading. Honestly my spirit lead me to her and I’m glad it did. This was my first natal chart and she exceeded my expectations. She spoke on things that she or anyone else would not know and also gave me great direction, peace, motivation, understanding of myself which in itself is power! And also confirmation as well. If you need guidance I highly recommend her stop walking around lost right now lol! Seriously mastery of self is key! I really appreciate Amethyst Virgo and her gift I can’t say thank you enough! " - K.J, NC

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