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Movie Astrology: Buddy Love in "The Nutty Professor"

The Nutty Professor | Released: June 28, 1996 | Starring: Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett-Smith, James Coburn, Dave Chappelle | Comedy |Remake of the 1963 movie

Astrological theme: Jupiter in Gemini [Jupiter is in detriment in the sign of Gemini. Jupiter in Gemini gets easily inspired by spreading ideas, not ideology like Sagittarius. In Jupiter in Gemini, ideas can get too far ahead of us and we become too eager to apply an idea without keeping in mind the bigger picture which is Jupiter in Sagittarius' job]

*Note: This is for entertainment purposes. Of course, a fictional character could be any sign but this post is to speculate using astrological analysis to explain the character and events in a film.

This will mostly focus on the main character's scientific change into his alter ego - "Buddy Love". When pushed to extremes, the theory is that we can tap into traits of our opposite sign so I'll need to think of what opposite sign pair he would embody. I have to consider the aspects that would need to exist for Sherman and Buddy's traits to co-exist.

Sherman Klump is an intelligent obese man who works as a science professor. Though he has a warm heart, he believes the key to love with Ms. Carla Purty is to change his physical appearance and personality, especially after he experiences public embarrassment for his size. Embarrassment seems to be common for him because when he invites Carla to his house, his family also embarrasses him with sexual innuendos and extreme flatulence. He tries to handle this with modesty but you can tell he's offended. Sherman is aware that his family lacks the tact and manners he has, furthering his ability to exhibit his Libra Sun which I detail later.

Sherman is polite, reserved, but as his alter-ego Buddy Love he is confident, inflammatory, and obnoxious. In his unconscious, Buddy is what Sherman thinks constitutes the type of man to get women, and be accepted in society.

Buddy drives a fast red car; he's bold, a womanizer, and acts impulsively. No sign is exempt from being any of those things but with the extremes in personality to what Sherman is, Buddy Love who is inside of him, likely had to be an "Aries or Sagittarius". Keep in mind, this an analysis of "energy", NOT all individuals as a sign.

Let's suppose Sherman is a Gemini Rising; he's in academia after all. It's become easier for him to be noticed through his mind and not his appearance which is very typical approach of the Gemini Ascendant - to think everything can be resolved through change in thought. The premise of this movie is based on mutability. If the Rising is thematic in a way and we often respond to life, Sherman could definitely be a Gemini Rising. There has to be some fluidity to his persona, but also a level of diplomacy. He willingly changes after the potion; there is no adjustment period.

At the core, he wants to just be liked and loved. He laughs off his hurt and doesn't like to offend people on purpose and appears non-confrontational. Let's give him a Libra Sun. He mentions at one point he has to continue as Buddy Love because he's never been in love before. This is a surface love; he believes he loves Carla, but it is really the first time he feels he's gotten attention from a woman he admires. Due to his gift of being a science genius, he could be a second decan Libra co-ruled by planet Uranus. This also adds to being brilliant but having a slight awkwardness to him in his relation to others. To take it a step further, he's a Mercury in Virgo - when he sees his potion needs to be adjusted he immediately works on adjusting to the correct dosage.

As Buddy, he is thin but eats excessively. When he doesn't physically show his weight on the outside, he makes up for it by being over the top in personality. Jupiter rules excess and Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Let's give him a Sagittarius Moon (no offense, I'm a Sagittarius Moon as well). Buddy Love has a sense of humor - sometimes at others' expense. At the comedy club as Buddy, he's just as loud and over the top as the comedian. This is not the "Moon"; the Moon is usually an internal exploration in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is not always the thoughtful philosopher, but often the blatantly abrasive and foul mouthed type. Sagittarius as comedians often are funny because they can lack boundaries in what is said, and even their insults can be said with great amusement. This creates an opposition to the Gemini Rising. He exchanges the thoughtful discourse he has as Sherman, for being overly talkative as Buddy Love. When he offends Carla, he covers it by smoothing it over with words which represents the Gemini-Sagittarius opposition tendency; Sagittarius can either uplift or exaggerate. It's easy to believe Sagittarius energy because it believes so hard themselves.

Another time where Buddy shows eagerness in ideas and excess is when he keeps upping the dosages on the potion so he can stay as Buddy Love. It shows the Moon aspect; sometimes the Sagittarius Moon does not know when to let up when they get what they want. When he wants to give Carla flowers, he orders what appears to be hundreds of flowers - again excess. Buddy Love shows no vulnerability, nothing bothers him except for when he's not getting what he wants which lends itself to his anger and pettiness. This film shows what is lying beneath the intellectually-primed mindset of the Libra Sun- Gemini Rising with a Fire Moon. Despite, the opposition, Libra and Sagittarius are Sextile signs - they both need a certain level of intellectual freedom. Once the internal battle with Buddy is over, Sherman gives a speech and shows morality at the end of the movie which is what Sagittarius energy that is evolved tends to do. The ability to introduce people to your inner world of beliefs is likely for the average person with a Sagittarius Moon and Libra Sun. It becomes important for a person with these aspects to indulge in positive inspirations and activity that excites them in order to avoid giving into vices.

Trailer for movie:

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