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Astrology Compatibility Requests

Please note: All descriptions in astrology are general to describe the placement. I try to go as descriptive as I can with general information and to make distinctions between placements. However, to receive unique insights into synastry, you'd need to study both charts or get a reading to analyze what these placements mean for you. **Disclaimer: I do not have the working capacity for free synastry readings and cannot tell you if someone is right for you based off just placements because it requires a full understanding and study of each birth chart to understand how they would function in a relationship.

Two Sagittarius Risings

The assumption is that having the same Rising will indicate ease in a relationship. You are responding to the same theme in life - truth, purpose, experience. However, to see what really matters you have to look at each other's Jupiter placements. The chart ruler helps us to see where each person's purpose may be. A person who has Jupiter in 5th and tons of other energy in the chart that indicates children and family may find that expanding themselves through family is important. However, if your Jupiter is in the 9th house you may feel more like a rogue who doesn't really need to stay stationary. You may share the same open-minded approach to life - willing to try anything once. It'll be important to study the rest of your charts. Do one of you have more Sagittarius energy in the chart than the other where themes of morality or belief systems become more essential to your sense of purpose? What degree is are each of your Risings? Identifying the type of Sagittarius energy that is in each chart will better help you understand each other too.

Venus in Aquarius and Venus Sagittarius

These are signs which are Sextile so you'd need to look at the degrees to determine if they directly Sextile for you and another person. These placements have fun together. Both like people for different reasons. Venus in Aquarius prefers groups or friendships and Venus in Sagittarius has a deep appreciation for people who may be intriguing or have different backgrounds. These signs tend to erase boundaries in their relationship due to the influence of Uranus on Aquarius and Jupiter on Sagittarius. Even if one person is more subdued, together they may find each others' quirks and oddities exciting. Where they may differ is that Sagittarius tends to focus on optimism and at some point can become a little impatient if the Venus in Aquarius doesn't have some type of moral code or belief system. If this is a heavy Sagittairus-energied person they can become upset with not feeling like what they believe in is taken seriously. Neither sign is known for financial prowess directly. They would both rather spend money on experiences with the Venus in Sagittarius more intrigued by foreign experiences and Venus in Aquarius concerned more with supporting causes that are community or friendship based.

Venus in Virgo and Venus in Libra

You may share an appreciation for beauty or things/people that are polished or exact. Venus in Virgo can be very specific about what attracts them but once they find it, they tend to value it. Venus in rulership in Libra loves feeling visually and mentally pleased. Both signs tend to be relatively tame in how they show attraction. Venus in Virgo often can be hesitant at first. However, with time it's a relatively loyal, dutiful placement in a committed relationship. Venus in Libra appreciates the gestures of romance. Ironically, both need reassurance for different reasons. Other dominant or direct energy in the chart can make one more bold or the initiator in terms of romance. This is important because since both signs tend to avoid coming on too strong sometimes there are things left unsaid. In general, they will attempt to please one another. Venus in Virgo can get frustrated by the Venus in Libra's lack of clarity in fixing relationship issues and Venus in Libra can feel that Virgo's critical nature can disrupt their peace. This is where communication is important. The Venus in Virgo can help Venus in Libra be decisive when it comes to financial decisions, and Venus in Libra can support their partner in spending more money and time on leisure activities.

Venus in Cancer and Venus in Aries

These are Square signs. See how close the degrees are to determine how much tension could emerge in this relationship. Venus in Aries (unless the chart indicates otherwise), will be more expressive and perhaps the one who makes the first move. Venus in Cancer requires safety so the approach that Venus in Aries takes can sometimes seem a bit abrupt for them. This can be a classic opposites attract energy if both people are willing to play these roles. Venus in Cancer reminds this placement of the importance of staying put and valuing what they already have. Venus in Cancer likes to invest in what they are responsible for. Venus in Aries seeks to enjoy life in sometimes uncertain terms. This is evidenced in the approach to how they each view money. Venus in Aries may be less cautious. This can bring issues, or it can influence Venus in Cancer to sometimes take chances and enjoy life without staying close to what is familiar. This pairing based on Venus requires lots of patience and understanding of one another's likes and dislikes. Cooperation and learning to complement one another is essential.

Venus in Gemini and Venus in Taurus

Learn each other's love languages because they are quite different. The Venus in Gemini gets excited by the written word. This person can fall in love with how someone speaks or how well they communicate. The Venus in Taurus is associated with resources and security. This individual can be quite dependable but appreciates things that are an acquired taste and vetted by them. This differs from the Venus in Gemini that can become easily enamored by what is new and exciting. At best, you introduce each other to the other's world. Venus in Gemini learns to invest on ideas worth pursuing; Venus in Taurus learns to become more open to new experiences and insights. In rulership, the Venus in Taurus individual may more of an advantage on understanding the value of money. However, Venus in Gemini can also strike on new ideas and insights that can be good if they are known to make good financial decisions based off information.

Aries Moon and Scorpio Moon

You are both motivated by "obtaining" something due to the Mars rulership. However, your internal processes are very different. The Aries Moon must openly express and defend itself. There are little secrets about what the Aries Moon feels though the expression will rarely be textbook "sentimental". However, the Scorpio Moon has more of a private way of dealing with what it feels which has pros and cons. In a romantic union, this can make it hard to fully understand one another's responses. You both may agree something may be "done" but differ in how it appears. In an ideal situation, you help one another learn when to utilize the "active" energy of the Aries Moon and when to seek internal power from within from the Scorpio Moon.

Venus in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Taurus has a natural understanding of its own value and is content with what fits into its own world. However, Venus in Scorpio (in fall) represents discomfort with what is natural. It is always seeking deeper and believing there is more to be discovered. Ironically, this opposite sign energy can work well together through intimacy. Though Venus in Taurus can be sensual, Venus in Scorpio takes it up a notch with its no limits type of view on intimacy and can convince the other to go beyond the usual. Both signs can be indulgent in a relationship once trust is established. Venus in Taurus must be able to feel secure physically and Venus in Scorpio needs to feel secure emotionally. Financially, both benefit from using their innate ability to earn. Venus in Taurus is more content with self-sustainability and Venus in Scorpio is more concerned with investments and gaining from business with others. Learning how to balance one another out can support with a good synergy between serving one another's needs.

Venus in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius

These signs are Square so it's important to look at the degrees to see if these are an exact Square. These signs have little in common in terms of what they appreciate. Venus in Aquarius seeks novelty not stability in a relationship. This doesn't mean they won't appreciate stability, but it is not their default focus. The Venus in Aquarius can get annoyed by monotony. Venus in Taurus doesn't view monotony as boring, but yet a necessary factor in getting its needs met. Venus in Taurus can distrust the uncertainty or experimental nature of the Venus in Aquarius person. For instance, the Venus in Aquarius may trust in an idea they have to make money despite having no experience in area. That type of decision makes Venus in Taurus nervous. The most important focus here is for these two to learn each other's quirks and learn how to be accepting in order to have a positive union.

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