The Vertex as Fate in a Birth Chart?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

There are many methods past and present in astrology that to tell you your fate.

Vedic astrology has the most references to these concepts. Western astrologers may choose to look more at the potential of placements where more freewill is examined. However, many western astrologers use placements like North Node, specific degrees, themes in the chart or the Vertex to gauge fate indicators. Most humans always have a nagging feeling of wanting to know "what's next?" However, if we really knew what was next it could cause us to avoid situations that cause us to grow. If we knew the road isn't always paved with gold, would we then choose to go in a different direction for temporary satisfaction? Would we miss our train ride because we think the plane ride to life is faster? For those who have experienced or believe in fate and destiny, you know there is no shortcut.

Enter the Vertex. I use the vertex in all of my advanced and master readings. I've found it to be helpful for understanding myself as well. I use it because once understanding the entire chart it often makes perfect sense why a person has a certain Vertex. Even if they come to me seeking guidance and may not be ready to step into their Vertex, it is helpful for them to keep in the back of their mind as they move on in life.

The Vertex is an ecliptic point that symbolizes your fate. It can only be in the houses 5,6,7 or 8. Since two of these houses are associated with relationships, for some people it has indications for spouse. In fact, the Vertex can be used in synastry.

As far as fate goes, it's important to note that I believe it's not always this monumental experience with twinkling lights. It is possible to have a situation occur that was meant to be but you don't notice it until other areas of your life come together.

Often, the Vertex is in a house or sign you least expected. It matters little if you like the sign it's in but more about your ability to recognize the importance of this energy when the time comes.

The Vertex sometimes aspects planets which seems to heighten the theme of constantly working with your fate. If the placements are too wide to conjunct like my Neptune in Capricorn and 5th house Vertex in Capricorn it sometimes means a slight delay. My Neptune is also in RX. Despite always being spiritual since a child, I didn't start having goals around my gifts or offering services for pay until later. With Capricorn ruling my 3rd I had always pushed myself to master concepts and understanding the "rules". With Saturn is in my 3rd house, I'd always try to learn the "correct" way of doing something before then using my Neptune and Uranus placements in 4th to then tailor it to my own form of spirituality.

My Neptune is in 4th in Placidus and 5th in whole signs highlighting both being nurtured to use my gifts from my mother and also enjoying learning more about spiritual topics. As far as my delay as an official "astrologer and tarot reader", my work experience in life prepared me. Having to exhibit professionalism in the greater world and already possessing organization skills made it easier for me to start offering services and starting a small business model.

If I had rushed offering professional services beyond friends/family earlier in life, I know I would have fizzled out and not had the background succeed. I was intelligent but not fully confident in my abilities even though my friends enjoyed my readings. I knew I had intuition but was impulsive mentally with desiring quicker results. This is not to deter any younger spiritualists who may have a different path. But I would not have personally been ready to serve clients if I didn't first have life experience and grow my confidence.

For some people, the Vertex influence which happens is temporary and they simply learn a lesson or get what they need to pull through in life. They may reflect back to a certain moment in time. The Vertex is just a small piece of the mysteries of concepts we can't quite "touch" or "plan for" but that we simply sense and will recognize when the time comes.

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