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Lilith in Astrology

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

*Scroll below if you're here to figure out how to find your Lilith signs.

I always tell people that once we get into asteroids (and one of the Liliths is an asteroid), that we need to understand the mythology behind the asteroid even more than we do the planets. Even people who don't follow astrology tend to know the general symbolism of the planets. The Moon and Sun symbolism, for example, is everywhere. However, like Pallas, Vesta, Chiron, Psyche, etc., understanding Lilith's story is essential.

When you first discover astrology, Lilith is usually not at the forefront of your mind. Lilith is supposed to be feared, malevolent, and seeks to destroy. Right? At least that is what movies and pop culture will portray. Media that gets it right will depict Lilith as a woman with power who has embraced her shadow side. Embracing your inner Lilith is important for anyone, but especially for women. She represents the feminine archetype who has been oppressed and had to recover her own power.

To understand Lilith we have to go back to the bible. Regardless of if you are religious or not, so many references we use today are from religious origins so it's okay to keep your beliefs out of it to understand this story. Lilith was Adam's first wife before Eve. Adam expected her to obey him and would not allow them to have intercourse in any position but missionary symbolizing that she was always to be beneath him. She was then banished (or fled, depending on which version you hear) from the Garden of Eden. After that, she supposedly had a bunch of demon babies but then became known as someone to fear. Myths included that she was responsible for the deaths of babies, that she sexually taunted men in their dreams, and was a general symbol of doom and destruction. It isn't far fetched to believe some part of Lilith would have wanted to cause damage or get revenge. I explain later in the astrology part the psychology evolution of Lilith. Lilith was then replaced by God with Eve who was supposedly made of his rib (Lilith is not).

Despite your beliefs, the story does seem to explain a lot of the modern experiences of women to this day with dealing with oppression or the suppression of their independence. Of course, some people want to claim there was no Lilith. That would be rather convenient idea. Both Lilith and Eve are blamed for something. Lilith simply wanted equality, but Eve was not supposed to have ideas or a mind. Both types of women in the biblical, historical, and modern context suffer in one degree. Women like Lilith are villainized for not obeying men and women like Eve are denied a voice and expected to obey. I don't want to go into any other theories of my own but it is very clear that painting Lilith as a survivor is not a good story for those who want to project the idea that being female means you are always submissive and have no power of your own.

Now onto the astrology. Regardless of gender, just like any other planet or placement, Lilith is in your chart. In fact, there are four Liliths. Lilith can represent societal expectations, where you feel suppressed in life, and how you need to navigate your own power (often more relevant in a woman's chart). Lilith can also represent the type of woman who challenges you, allures you, or is your kryptonite (often in a man's chart). Based on your experience, you may resonate with regardless of your gender identity.

  • Lilith the asteroid physical body between [Mars and Jupiter] 1181

  • Dark Moon Lilith Waldemath Black Moon h58

  • Black Moon Lilith (Mean) and Black Moon Oscillating Lilith (True) the literal orbit of the Lilith and not an average H13 (if you are new, just use whichever Lilith shows up in the chart system)

To find your Lilith's I recommend going to You'll have to first make your birth chart but then you can click extended settings and input the numbers above to search Lilith's.

Lilith went through a phase to recover who she was meant to be. In theory, I like to look at the Liliths as windows to the cycles of how we experience rejection, fear, denial/shame, rebellion and power. We could track someone's journey in internal power and fighting against societal norms or expectations through their four Liliths. In chart readings, I tend to just stick to the Black Moon Lilith.

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Shanntel Benion
Shanntel Benion
Mar 07, 2022

Lilith in Aquarius hit home! Thank you!

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