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Love Styles through the Signs

A common misconception is that specific zodiac signs have exclusive ownership over certain traits. That's not quite true. Humans of all signs and walks of life experience universal experience such as love, courage, jealousy, anger, loyalty, ambition, and have certain abilities such as intelligence, creativity, etc. However, it is true that certain signs are more linked to certain traits due their ruling planets (Venus, Mercury, etc.) or elements

(Air, Water, etc.) Love is complex, yet so common that songs, TV shows, poems, are all centered around how to get love, how to get the one you love, and how to get love. It's no understatement we all have our own sagas in this subject. Each sign experiences and approaches love in a different way as you see below particularly for the Moon, Sun and Venus signs.

Aries - Often falls head first in love. This doesn't mean they love everyone they see, but when they like someone they make an effort to make it known to that person. They lack the hesitancy and second-guessing we can see in more reserved signs. Even the shyest (yes, some exist) Aries have no problem chasing the object of their affection. When they're in, they're usually all in as they feel love with the purest, rawest nature. They hate to complicate something they feel is so easy so don't try to get Aries to explain what they love or like about you - they just like it. The thing is, however, when Aries is has decided it's over it's usually over. That impulsive fire that was in your face dwindles down. This usually means they've moved onto the next, especially if they're a Venus in Aries as well.

Taurus - Taurus energy is rather stable and devoted as long as they feel comfortable. Due to this, as long as Taurus is comfortable and made to feel safe, they don't usually stray. Complex lifestyles don't appeal to the average Taurus. Taurus prefers simplicity in their dating life. Scandals and hidden lovers aren't usually their choice. If they do find themselves in clandestine relationships, it would be a result of their needs not getting met. This isn't common because Taurus tends to prefer predictability over a different lover of the week. This can sometimes mean Taurus isn't as spontaneous as others but they are known for their appeal to sensuality and beauty. Nonetheless, Taurus likes to make for a comfortable home and relationship. Though the bull can be stingy or uptight with money, they will dote on the object of their affection.

Gemini - This sign needs to be mentally stimulated so relationships without much conversation or intellectual pursuits can fall flat. They're friendly, but will be drawn to people who can fill their need to learn and gain ideas. They need an attentive partner who is open to new adventures and allow them to explore with their often childlike wonder about the world. As an Air sign, Gemini does tend to like to roam and not stay stationary. In early adulthood, many Geminis struggle with the concept of being with one partner even when they have the best intentions. Geminis often get accused of flirting even when they're being nice, but with the right person they can show devotion as long as the partner is aware that Gemini will need some sense of freedom and is someone who is willing to enjoy life as an adventure to explore.

Cancer - Cancer will form a deep attachment to the person they're in a relationship with and almost treat them like family early on. They typically have an inner awareness that they will carry the bulk of the emotions in a relationship. Since they're ruled by the Moon and are Cardinal, they have no problem letting their true emotions out (good or bad). Due to this, Cancer is not particularly good at lying or masking their true emotions because sooner or later they come out. Unlike the curiosity of the Gemini, Cancer's need for security means they rarely will entertain a relationship just because it's "interesting". However, they can sometimes try to salvage relationships at the expense of what is best for them. The Crab needs a sense of security and safety similar to Taurus which is a reason that they can sometimes fear moving on. Cancer tends to be loyal and nurturing but has high expectations for how they are treated in return - their awareness of how you make them feel is strong. Due to this, they take betrayal very personal and sometimes can react in unpredictable ways when hurt. This is when you can see the vindictive, manipulative side you never knew existed.

Leo - Leo energy likes to emit love so there is usually an open approach to their relationship in the sense that they don't tend to hide it. They may do grandiose things or big gestures to catch someone's attention. Leo is not afraid to tell the world who they love, especially if they can brag on the person in some way. With this said, who they end up with usually needs to be extraordinary in some way (attractive, good dresser, etc.) Sometimes (similar to Capricorn), Leo can get caught up in a power couples mindset which they can project on their partner. However, Leo also is typically a joyful partner who likes to be entertained and out and about. Surprisingly, the openness of the Leo can get a shy partner out of their shell. However, sometimes Leo's focus on image and the outside can lead to ignoring deep rooted problems in a relationship. Though Leo can be quite giving, sometimes they give what they view as important and don't focus as intently on the other person's true needs and desires.

Virgo - Virgo views love in a very practical and compartmentalized way. Whereas some signs view love and emotions as an integral part of their life, Virgo prefers to build partnerships that are related to each person performing some function of the relationship. Though Virgo is the sign of service and typically will help their partner in some way, Virgo also is very detail-oriented often making them very specific about why they chose their partner (even if others can't see the reason). Warm, fuzzy declarations of love may not come often from the Virgo, but they express their love by making your life easier. Communication is of the utmost importance to Virgo and that is a way to get to Virgo's heart (it's there under the nonchalant demeanor - trust) Virgo's reserved nature typically means they don't venture out much outside of a relationship, but they also are mutable so they can sometimes change for the benefit of improving the relationship.

Libra - Whether in a true commitment or not, Libra values partnerships and others. Some Libras keep the same partner, some may switch partners often, but there are few Libras without any type of romantic situation happening at any given time. Due to this, Libra can behave or get into pseudo relationships even when they tell another person "I'm not looking for anything serious". Both the women and the men tend to be charmers and use their good looks and conversation to appeal to many people. Similar to Gemini, sometimes Libra comes across as flirtatious due to their desire to know and relate to nearly everyone. The difference is you will really feel like the Libra really knows you as they are the Kings & Queens of relating. Though Venus rules Libra, Libra's desire for balance and harmony is more driven by a need to feel complete by others that validate and compliment you. Libra's lack of comfort with confrontation can sometimes lead Libras to stay in relationships way past their expiration date in an attempt to not create conflict or drama.

Scorpio - Scorpio has the reputation for being a stinger, being vindictive or a sign to fear. The reality is Scorpio as a Fixed water sign feels so intensely that there is often a tough outer shell to protect emotions. Scorpio won't necessarily go through grandiose shows of love like Leo or even perhaps Libra (in the beginning), but as a partner they are usually loyal and true. Yes, your Scorpio (especially if they have other Scorpio placements) may at times appear withdrawn or need their privacy, but if they have chosen to love you it is very difficult for them to stop. They will be there for you even when you mess up. When Scorpio cares they are willing to brave difficulties in order to make it and continue to preserve the relationship. Even though Scorpio has a reputation for being tough, they often use a hard exterior to cover up the intense and true feelings they have within. Likewise, when hurt it can take Scorpio a long time to recover which can lead to a dismissive attitude toward relationships.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius is rumored to be a sign that can have trouble settling down. The reason isn't exactly the same as Gemini since Sagittarius is constantly seeking purpose and wisdom. They can easily get caught up in the experience of dating someone new who has a compelling or interesting background as as Mutable Fire can sometimes instantly get caught up in the prospect and the intrigue of someone new. Sagittarius isn't one to be in a relationship just for the sake of it or because others are in one though they can become instantly smitten by those with intellectual prowess. While they can benefit from signs who can bring them stability, Sag does need a partner who is willing to be adventurous. They will be on the go often and always chasing some type of idea. A Sag is going to want to travel and simply expand their experiences to learn new things so if you're not into broadening your horizons, it can sometimes cause issues. Sag is also not one to mince words so also understand that though they can have a generous, almost philanthropic outlook, they can be very direct at times about their truth. When dating a more sensitive person, Sagittarius learns the gift of tact and understanding that not everything has to be delivered in such a brash manner. Many Sags could benefit from creating boundaries and putting limitations on who they accept in their lives.

Capricorn -Capricorn tends to go by the book of romance more than any other sign. Though not particularly emotional at first, they do understand tradition and the importance of courtship. However, Capricorn usually won't jump from relationship to relationship. They also will only give their heart to someone who they feel will take care of it. Most Capricorns have other priorities, especially when it comes to their goals. Hence,why they often hold on marriage, kids and commitment until they meet the right person. Capricorn is a sign associated with age so it's common for some to wait until later in life to truly become invested in family life. Dating a Capricorn can sometimes feel like being with a business associate, but understand their way of communicating love is how they ensure they are able to provide and ensure the family unit is secure. Some of them may get caught up thinking putting their goals ahead of everything else is what is best for the family and come off emotionally distant. Also, understand since Saturn is their ruler, Capricorn can sometimes cut off a dead end relationships without the messy, complicated, ambiguous nature of other signs. On their worst, some can use their relationship to make some type of statement or focus on status, but at their best Capricorn can be devoted and family oriented.

Aquarius - Be prepared for an unorthodox relationship. Aquarius doesn't tend to believe in all the traditional, typical aspects of a relationship and can rebel against the status quo. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is unorthodox therefore Aquarius tends to be more open-minded about who they date (especially if they also have Venus in Aquarius). Aquarius doesn't tend to let society dictate who they should date. However, Aquarius is linked to groups and society. Partners of Aquarius have to be willing to realize they may always have some cause or responsibility that takes up their time. This is due to being the sign of groups, but also ruled by Saturn which is about responsibility. Unlike the individual pursuits of Capricorn, Aquarius sometimes can focus on the needs of all instead of just themselves. Also, be prepared to be with someone who may have weird quirks or habits. Teasing them or denying them freedom is the easiest way to get on their bad side. They may forget important dates, or text they're late at the last moment, but they make up for it with the ability to fix things at last minute's notice and also their intelligence for those who need a partner who can engage in a lively debate.

Pisces - Being with a Pisces can sometimes feel like the things that hallmark cards are made of, and at some moments, feel like the things that random weather changes without a moment's notice are made of. Pisces is Mutable Water, so they are flexible and tend to not be filled with drama - intentionally. Pisces is a sign that actually has collective love for all so in a relationship, they truly become truly immersed in the life of their partner. As the true shapeshifter of the zodiac and Neptunian god/goddess, they can easily involve themselves in their partner's lives and take interest in the things they like. Pisces can be very idealistic about relationships at times due to the influence of Neptune to focus on dreams and fantasies. Pisces can also be very vulnerable to hurt and internalize it so at times there are unspoken words. However, when upset Pisces wants to mirror another's actions by making them feel the hurt they felt so don't assume that the pleasantries you see are all there is to them. Similar to Libra, the lack of comfort with confrontation can sometimes cause Pisces to not be as direct in relationships. They know how it feels to be hurt so they often want to spare others' feelings. However, unlike Libra who may stay and be unhappy, Pisces can become evasive or disappear. In general, Pisces will be able to provide you with the genuine feeling of your feelings being listened to unlike other signs such as Virgo, Gemini, or Aquarius who can relate on a logical level, but not always on an emotional level.

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