This is often seen mostly through the Sun sign when people haven't seen their entire chart. When we realize the birth chart is important, we don't ignore the Sun sign , but we have to understand what it does, what it is responsible for, and what it is not responsible for. For example, to understand how emotional someone "really" is, you need to examine the Moon and any water houses. If Cancer is just the Sun sign, but they have an Aquarius Rising, you have a person who consciously tries to project a nurturing caring nature, but their experience in life may be about feeling different and introducing us to an alternate way of thinking. They may inspire and stir the emotions in us, but if there is mostly Air in that individual's chart, that is a different Cancer Sun. Also, sorry mainstream clickbait articles, but if you want to examine sexuality and someone's energy in that aspect, the Sun sign should not be the only thing considered. Perhaps that person is comfortable exuding sexuality, but Mars (sex), and Venus (pleasure) are far better indicators than bragging which Sun sign is the most sexual.

Astrology that tries to isolate traits solely to someone's "Sun sign" tends to stop short just there instead of understanding the other factors in the chart that could be even stronger than the Sun sign. We all need a starting point, but when people use absolute statements when describing astrology they are already robbing themselves of the chance to see how other energies live out in their chart. You have a Capricorn Sun? With a Gemini Rising, Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Mercury and Venus with placements in the 11th house? You have a more free-spirted, thinking Capricorn. They will project structure and organization, yet be willing to change and adapt as needed if it will help them obtain a goal.

A person can think they have the best sign of the zodiac, but if the Sun is in fall, detriment, has a Square to the Ascendant, they actually may face some issues with what they project, or have issues with self-expression to some extent. Their Sun sign won't show the best aspects until they are conscious of how they present thus eliminating the validity in bragging.

If something doesn't resonate it is usually for a few reasons

- The sign only shows up once in the planets in the birth chart

- negative aspects to certain planets

- not enough life experience to see how all traits will play out

- there is dormant energy in the chart waiting for you to use it appropriately

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