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Family Astrology: Astrological Genealogy

Astrological genealogy includes tracking the patterns of the signs and placements in your family. It can be more than just a "fun fact". Sharing similar placements could reveal a deeper truth about family healing, life purpose, and ways in which family member's energy impacts us on our journey.

What generational lessons are there to learn? You need to find the pattern in your own family. For the individual, we often start at the 4th house of home, inheritance, roots, etc. to understand our emotional lens. Once we understand that, we then can dissect the charts of those close to us. Some people may be reincarnating into families that still have not resolved a particular issue. Others may notice a theme emerge where many people in the family (past and present) are successful or being called to showcase their talents.

A couple of things to consider:

  • Sun and Moon energy often recycles among family members.

  • Zodiac patterns can shows you the energy that can be transferred over. For instance, you may be impacted by these individuals even if it’s indirectly *(someone passed before you were born but raised your parent)

  • Which Sun signs keep showing up in your genealogy? The Sun sign is a of being and can represent the identities that are expressed openly and conscious. The Moon is more showing potential hidden emotional journeys and can indicate the relationships between nurturing or your mother. The Moon shows our emotional needs and how we will respond.

  • Which signs are lacking in your family genealogy? This can mean that anyone born with this sign has a different mission or something different to carry out. You can feel like the odd one out. If you are from a Fire/Air dominant family and you have a lot of Water, you may seek validation for your feelings away from home or in other areas.

One thing to note is that unresolved issues with certain zodiac energy can resurface in other areas of your life. This is where the origin of most people's distaste for certain signs comes from and all of a sudden every Gemini reminds you of the cousin that stole from you when you were fifteen. Likewise, if all of the Scorpios in your family have impacted you negatively, you want to be careful applying those traits to all Scorpios you will meet. Our family will always typically stir up different emotions than other people due to the history there.

Also, due to where energy is placed in the chart, people will activate or respond differently to it. We have to be aware of what our family member's journey with that energy is compared to ourselves. For example, someone with Leo in 12th is here to be genuinely impactful through sharing their gifts from compassion or the heart. They are here to connect to people through shared hope and inspiration. This may differ from a family member with Leo in 5th who is more open and expressive with their talents in more performative ways.

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