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October Astrology Challenge Part I

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

A lot of my work is helping people recognize the potential within their charts. Often, a placement people ignore or don't give as much credence to is the one that can help them with specific goals. Imagine the missing link being there the entire time. To practice what I preach, I knew I had to examine the placement I feel the least connected to - my Venus in Cancer. In fact, when I explain my experience with this placement, I often sound less connected than I do with my Sagittarius Moon, for instance. I explain it's impact on me but now how I use it each day. I can give concrete examples of habits from my Virgo Sun or even the presence of my Leo Mercury and Mars. But I often forget that I have Venus in Cancer. I began to ask myself why. I have no real issue with my Venus in Cancer and can tell you how it's been beneficial. But when I think of my astrological DNA, it is the placement I think about the least often. The irony is there are numerous benefits to my 11th house Venus so there is no logical reason to not work on this placement.

I challenge everyone whether you see this post in October, or January, to think about that unchartered, forgotten placement in your own chart. It can be your North Node, Moon, your Mars, Ascendant, etc. Just because a placement is a personal planet or highlighted as important in astrology doess not mean all people feel an instant connection to it. You can be missing out on certain benefits or lessons by pushing it to the recesses of your mind.

Week 1 should be research. You could argue that reflection could come first but if you have felt a detachment from something your initial reaction could be to deny how influential this placement has been in your life which makes for an ineffective reflection.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about astrology, there can always be a description that puts something into better perspective for you.

Research Tips:

  1. Read a new book or listen to a new audiobook that speaks on placements and includes yours. Is there a traditional description or modern description that resonates more with the placement in question?

  2. Revisit any books you already have to see if you missed something

  3. Read as many defintions as you can on your placement and write down what resonates and what doesn't (more on that in another post)

  4. Visit Internet sources with caution. Most informational sites steer clear of biased language. There are talented astrologers with blogs but also be clear on each person's approach to astrology. If someone rattles off a list of signs they hate and yours is on there, you may want to rethink if this will fully be unbiased enough to help you understand this placement

  5. Find videos online of people who have your placements to see if they match, or look up famous people with your placement to see if you can track how the energy can sometimes manifest

Stay tuned for Week 2's next step in this challenge.

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