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Aspects in a chart: Are your planets friends, enemies, or unsure of one another?

The next step after knowing what a sign and house placement means and understanding the overall energy of a chart is to see how the planets interact with each other. Some aspects work together well, and others can create problems. *This is a repost from my other videos.

Conjunct - Two planets in the same sign, or within a very tight conjunct featuring one sign and the sign following after. For instance, Mercury in Virgo at 3 degrees is conjunct Sun in Virgo at 6 degrees. However, Mercury in Libra at 29th degree can be considered by most astrologers as conjunct Venus in Scorpio at the 2nd degree. Some people prefer to only keep a conjunct to the same sign.

A conjunct means the energy is merged and moves more as a unit than as separate planets.

Trine 120 degrees - Produced when planets are in the same element. A planet is considered a trine when it is three signs apart. For example, there are three signs in between Virgo and Taurus, and three signs between Virgo and Capricorn, and three signs between Capricorn and Taurus. When a person has all three element signs (such as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) in a chart within a certain degree pattern, that can create a Grand Trine in a chart. A Trine is said to have more effortless energy that naturally flows together. It can be related to innate talents and abilities. In some charts it is more effective than the Conjunct because it stems from signs that are different modalities so it allows for a variety of skills and abilities. This differs from a conjunct where though it can be strong, it operates as one unit and is comprised of the same energy to some extent.

Sextile 60 degrees - A sextile is two signs apart and said to be somewhat favorable. It is not about harmony or syncing together but that it goes well together like peanut butter and jelly. Those are different ingredients but they go well together. It’ll always be the signs that are the same expression such as feminine or masculine pairs. Also, a sextile occurs between elements said to get along [Air/Fire] or [Earth/Water].

An example of signs that have a similar signature even though different is Virgo and Scorpio. Different elements and modalities but Earth and Water go together. Also, both sides are known to be observant and can discover things well through the mind (albeit for different reasons). Another example is Leo and Libra - both signs show individuals who can have charm, or may be social and good around being inviting to other people. Also, we can see that Aries and Gemini are sextile. Both signs have a free-spirited nature about them to some degree.

Opposition 180 degrees - This can only exist through opposite signs 6 signs apart. There is no wiggle room for this. This represents the polarities between two signs in the same modality who appear different at first glance. However, there is a need to meet in the middle once these signs are used to merge the aspects that can be beneficial. An example is we can assume Taurus and Scorpio as different at first, but both care about security as Fixed Earth/Water. One wants resources and financial security, and the other is more coupled with emotional security.

Square 90 degrees - This in energy produces tension between two signs/placement three signs apart. There is the lack of polarities and shared modality like an opposition, and there is a lack of similarity like a conjunct, a lack of shared elements like a trine, but there can share a modality (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable). An example is a Moon in Libra squaring Venus in Capricorn, or a Virgo Ascendant Squaring a Sagittarius Moon. The mode is the way in which something wants to operate so with a square it’s almost like each sign has it’s own idea of how to function which creates a tension. The question for Mutables can be “let’s change!”, but the Sagittarius wants to immediately start something they are inspired by and the Virgo wants to take time to analyze and plan before changing. Gemini wants to learn more about it and question it first, and Pisces wants to ponder and go with what they “sense”.

Minor Aspects [Not as widely discussed but can add layers to the meaning of a chart] You can still get the theme of a chart without interpreting minor aspects.

Inconjunct/Quincunx - 150 degrees - These are five signs apart which means it feels unusual together. It appears to lack any similarity or signature pattern. There is a power struggle type of energy because they do not understand each other.

An example of this is Aries and Virgo, Libra and Pisces, Gemini and Scorpio, etc. Notice these signs differ between masculine/feminine expression of energy,

Quintile - 72 degrees - The energy here is not direct but is somehow linked and merges together. There are spiritual connections between these planets in terms of concepts of fate, chance and destiny. For bi-quintiles and quintiles, it's sometimes helpful to also see if any planets create this aspect with your Vertex.

Biquintile - 144 degrees - This heightens the spiritual connection to topics that pertain to development of the awareness of ones talents. This can be helpful in terms of creative expression and awareness of how to use ones ability to alleviate in issues.

Septile -51 degrees - Energies that are more hidden, can be more occult in nature and are prone to keen perception of spiritual abilities.

Semi-sextile - 30 degrees - I’d look at these more as the merging of new insight and information. It's not as strong as a Sextile but could be "conditional". Calling on these planets to make contact when necessary. This energy can allow itself to be used in a way to support one another. Once these energies have opportunity they make use of each other.

Semi-square - 45 degrees- This has a similar experience than a square but instead of more external experiences this can represent internal conflict within the individual.

Sesquiquadrate - 135 degrees - This can be another experience similar to the square of semi-square. However, this can be a blindspot so to speak that doesn’t always get resolved. There can be an unawareness.

Novile - 40 degrees - These aspects appear to bring us closer to a resolution. They push us closer to a sense of closing the loop on something. They enhance the sense of wanting something to be in its purest form.

*In my work, I personally work less with septiles or noviles unless it seems very signifcant in a person's chart.

More than two planets aspecting?

I will do a follow up video and post about: grand trines, grand squares, kites, cradles, castles, etc.

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