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Decans through for zodiac signs

Updated: May 29, 2022

Not only can you rep your Sun sign. You can rep your decan sign. Yep, decans. Each sign is split up into 3 decans based on the 30 degrees of a sign. This means that not only does your Sun have a planetary ruler, but you also have a sub-ruler planet that can be used to see an extra influence to your Sun sign traits. The sub-ruler planet will be one of the other two planets that rules the sign in your element. If you are a Virgo, your sub-ruler can only be Mercury (which already rules you), Venus (which rules Taurus), or Saturn (which rules Capricorn).

For example, Mars rules Aries. However, if you were born on April 18th, you are third decan Aries sub-ruled by Jupiter. This brings forth a different Aries individual who may feel they are more on a quest or journey to see how they can spread their influence. This could be a spiritually aware Aries individual as well.

Note about decans:

The most accurate understanding is for people to interpret their own chart, or get it interpreted to see not only the decan, but the degree of the Sun and also the condition of the planet that sub-rules them.

Study your relationship to the sign that is your sub-ruler to see another layer to what you may be projecting through your Sun.

People who are born the first 10 days of their sign have double energy of their planetary ruler which means they may resonate more so with their sign than other people.

Most zodiac descriptions combine all of the traits of the various decans so that is why we don't resonate 100% with every description for our sun sign.

Not resonating with the planet that is your sub-ruler, means to pay close attention to aspects made to that planet. The sub-ruling planet is giving you clues to another planet that may be very active in how you present or what you project to the world.

Let's interpret a Leo Sun 2nd decan person with a Moon in Virgo, Venus in Virgo, Mars in Capricorn, Mercury in Leo.

This person is rather vocal and clear in direction. They like to exude and show energy in the direction of their desires. They are interacting with the outside world to show their influence and power. They know exactly what role they play and what role they play as well through the Capricorn precision of organizational structure. They like to project enthusiasm, but also know that things must get done and that execution in action is important. They care beyond a sense of generosity since the Virgo energy through the Moon and Venus shows a practical nature in ensuring their loved ones have what they need. They have a sense of service to those they care about but are more enterprising at work. Since Mars is their sub-ruler, and Mars is exalted in Capricorn, this individual is not just "popular", but a good manager of an organization. They have and demand the respect of others. They do not thrive as much from needing to feel admired like other Leos may. They have a very high sense of self, perhaps maybe too high. It doesn't stop people from liking them. They draw attention to them more through their Earth quality. This Earth heavy Leo thrives off order and organization. However, people are more receptive to them giving them orders, or direction, due to the tone and energetic nature that can be characteristically Mercury in Leo.

Note: When you understand degrees better, you can use the degree instead of the date to understand decans. In my video below, I discuss the degree method.

Aries 1 3/21-3/31- Mars Aries 2 4/1-4/10 -Sun, Aries 3 4/11-4/19 -Jupiter

Taurus 1 4/20-4/30 - Venus , Taurus 2 5/1-5/10 - Mercury, Taurus 3 5/11-5/20 -Saturn

Gemini 1 5/21 - 5/31 - Mercury, Gemini 2 6/1-6/10 - Venus, Gemini 3 6/11 -6/20 - Uranus

Cancer 1 6/21 - 6/30 -Moon, Cancer 2 7/1 - 7/ 11-Pluto, Cancer 3 7/12- 7/22 -Neptune

Leo 1 7/23-8/1-Sun, Leo 2 8/2 - 8/12 - Jupiter, Leo 3 8/13 - 8/22 -Mars

Virgo 1 8/23 - 9/1-Mercury, Virgo 2 9/2 - 9/12 -Saturn, Virgo 3 9/13 - 9/ 22-Venus

Libra 1 9/23 - 10/02-Venus, Libra 2 10/3 - 10/13 - Uranus, Libra 3 10/14 - 10/22-Mercury

Scorpio 1 10/22 - 11/1-Pluto, Scorpio 2 11/2 - 11/11 -Neptune, Scorpio 3 11/12 - 11/21-Moon

Sagittarius 1 11/22- 12/1-Jupiter, Sagittarius 2 12/2 - 12/11-Mars, Sagittarius 3 12/12 - 12/21-Sun

Capricorn 1 12/22 - 12/31-Saturn, Capricorn 2 1/1 - 1/10 - Venus, Capricorn 3 1/11- 1/19 -Mercury

Aquarius 1 1/20 - 1/29 -Uranus, Aquarius 2 1/30-2/8 -Mercury, Aquarius 3 2/9 - 2/18-Venus

Pisces 1 2/19-2/29-Neptune, Pisces 2 3/1 - 3/10- Moon, Pisces 3 3/11-3/20-Pluto

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