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Stelliums in the birth chart

Updated: May 29, 2022

A stellium is a concentration of energy of three or more planets. It is where a lot of your energy will be expended. Symbolically, it's like having a lot of people over at your house. You have to pay attention to those people, and each person has a different personality. This contrasts to if you just have one person over to your house which is what it may feel like if you have only one placement in a house.

Some key points about stelliums:

  • Everything is about balance. If you have a stellium in one house, look to the opposite house. Are their planets there that oppose your stellium? How will these energies work together?

  • What is in the stellium? Personal planets may impact your mode of expression, communication, or action. Whereas, outer planets can be more correlated to the experiences you have.

  • If you use Placidus or Whole signs, it can slightly change a stellium's placement. If you are not committed to a house system, or just learning astrology, look your chart up in both systems to see what makes sense to you.

  • A stellium is not a one size fits all. We would have to look the degrees of the planets, what planets are there, if you have two personal planets, and one outer planet. We would look at if any of the planets in the stellium are squaring any other planets, etc.

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