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The Power of Transits

The first step in most people's astrology journey is usually not to learn transits. People love to talk and learn about themselves which is why learning about their birth chart process is so fascinating for many astrology enthusiasts. A transit describes the current placement of the planets. For example, you will always be a Mercury in Leo if that is your placement but currently Mercury is in Taurus. To understand how transits may influence you, you'd use a transit calculator using your birth time and place. The most accurate horoscope you will ever get uses your birth time and not just your sign.

However, there comes a time when you sense the birth chart (the blueprint and constant reference) is not the cause of what's going on in your life. We can argue that the birth chart is always an influence to some degree. For example, your natal Mars in Cancer opposes a current Mars in Capricorn transit which influences your 1st and 7th houses. Your natal placement is your experience with the energy but the transit offers new opportunities or challenges. When a person notices a certain area of life is now active or inactive the transit is often the culprit. Think of the planets as Uno cards with different reactions.

Top 6 reasons to pay attention to transits:

1. The Sun has entered your season. Themes where your expression come into the light become more important. You feel more invigorated.

2. The Sun has entered an opposite or square Sign. If you are a Sun in Virgo, pay attention to what opposing forces or energy you may encounter when the Sun moves into Pisces. Of course, if you have Pisces energy naturally in the chart your experience may vary.

3. There has been a profound change to the experiences around you and you haven't consciously changed anything around you. An example is a person who notices a breakdown in communication and realizes that Mars is in Leo in their 3rd house opposing Mercury in Aquarius in 9th. Trying to get on the same page as others can begin to feel challenging and a battle between one person's thoughts can go against what someone believes is best for all.

4. A monumental transit is occurring such as a Full or New Moon. Always check which houses in your chart will be impacted. Also, when certain planets make direct contact like Neptune Conjunct Jupiter several weeks ago it is helpful to look at what house will be impacted. If the Neptune Conjunct Jupiter touched down in your 7th house this can indicate that a meaningful experience that helped expand on a past or existing relationship.

5. Timing special events. Though there aren't enough days in the month or conjuncts that can perfect every single decision, but there are more favorable times for major life decisions. If you wish to buy a house, it is helpful to see what planets are passing through your 2nd or 4th houses. A person who finds the Sun Conjunct Moon in 2nd and Jupiter in 4th, for instance, may recognize that it fits well with a closing date for buying a home. You can also use transits through houses to build the stepping stones to events you want to happen. Venus in 3rd can be a good time to collaborate and learn from those around you but Venus in 8th may be when a person decides to seek investors for their business idea from people they can gain from.

6. Social events often coincide with certain energies. A particular transit may not personally affect you but it may be seen more blatantly through current events. An example is how some people did not experience any significant job chances during the height of the pandemic, but were still able to observe how Saturn in Aquarius (as well as Jupiter in Aquarius) influenced people's perceptions, experiences, and views on the workforce.

A resource for understanding Sun and Moon transits along with other information is available in the Sun and Moon Deep Dive Course

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