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The Moon through the 12 houses

Updated: May 29, 2022

Okay, so you know your "Sun sign" That's it, right? Not at all. To truly understand more about astrology and yourself, you then need to explore your Moon sign (and other planets too). While your "zodiac" sign or Sun sign will typically represent likes/dislikes, areas of confidence, interests, or your signature energy, it's possible you identify more with your Moon sign. Unlocking your Moon will help you see beyond what you do and focuses more on "why" you respond the way you do to people, life, and events. Maybe you present yourself like a strong, fierce Leo lion, but you have a Pisces Moon which will make you way more sensitive emotionally than the average Leo.

Free Birth Chart Calculator to determine Moon Sign:

Since the Moon changes every 2-3 days, the exact time of the birth date is important in the event that the day of birth was one when the Moon changed signs. For instance, if the Moon went from Gemini to Cancer on your birthday and we don't have a time, you'd have to make a guess of which is accurate using descriptions. You could read through descriptions of Moon signs to see what resonates. Another easy way is if you don't have a birthtime, use Whole signs - not Placidus. You can then see which house your Moon is potentially in to help you make an informed guess. Which house the Moon is in will also provide clues about how the Moon performs. Is it in the 12th house where you have a lot of hidden emotions, or the 5th house where you are open and expressive with how you feel, but not all that emotional? The following information is heavily affected by the specific sign the Moon is in and the rest of the chart, so this is simply a general break down of the Moon means in each house.

1st House Moon - Even when not in a very emotional sign, the Moon here is open and frank about their feelings. Doesn't feel shy about expression.

2nd House Moon - Needs to feel safe and secure. Prefers what is familiar, and may be very attached to possessions.

3rd House Moon - Processes emotions and feelings mostly through an informative lens. Not overly emotional, and may have to think or share a lot about how they feel.

4th House Moon - Emotions may ebb and flow. The Moon is "at home" here, so this person may be intuitive, very nostalgic, or affected by the past.

5th House Moon - Inner desire to create, or perform. Enjoys fun and leisure. Feels the happiest when they are in the spotlight or engaged in something entertaining.

6th House Moon - Feels at ease with organization. Inner drive to get things done. Not a heavy out pour of emotions. May feel anxiety with lack of structure, or routine.

7th House Moon - Idealizes and prefers companionship. Doesn't prefer to be alone and may tend to seek connections with others consciously and unconsciously.

8th House Moon - Very intense emotions and experiences. They don't feel very comfortable being vulnerable and sharing but they understand their own emotions and others' emotions on a very perceptive level.

9th House - Is driven by their values and morals and may have difficulty betraying how they feel. May always seek answers, and even question a lot in interpersonal relationships. Easily inspired by new events.

10th house - This person is driven by a need to achieve and maintain success. They care more about their reputation and may always feel a need to protect or preserve their image. Even in matters of love, they may see situations as "goals" to achieve.

11th house - The 11th house Moon feels more comfortable in groups. More likely to be involved in certain circles or organizations throughout their life.

12th house Moon - Senses things on a deep, collective way. Compassion can lead to being an empath who is affected by what occurs to others. Could be very active unconsciously but can have difficulty separating feelings from reality.

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